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Soal Quiz Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 6

Edukasistan.com - Hello guys! pada kesempatan kali ini kakak akan memberikan Kalian Soal Quiz Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 6. Tujuannya apa sih aku memberikan Quiz Grammar ini? Tujuannya si jelas, untuk mengukur kemampuan kalian itu udah sampe sejauh mana.

Nah disoal quiz nanti terdapat tombol skornya buat melihat poin kamu ya! Oke tanpa banyak basa-basi, Berikut Soal Quiz Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 6.

Quiz Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Soal Quiz Grammar
Soal Quiz Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 6
Note !!!
  1. The taste of the food in this restaurant is... the one over there.
  2. The origin culture in every country is ... humanity
  3. Most of books ... for taxation today are supplemented with CD ROMs to make easier the student.
  4. ... remarkable achievement in art, Affandi is appointed to be the judge of Art Contest
  5. The factory workers are claiming ... working condition than before.

  7. All the evidences should beripped off, destroyed, and put into the burnt fire until there are nothing left.
  8. The test materials were developed bythe centrally government and tested to all schools in Indonesia.
  9. Reading for question number 8-10

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  10. According to the article, what is the main stumbling block of solar paint?
  11. The word 'this' in paragraph 3 refers to …
  12. The word steadier in line 23 could be replaced with ….
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