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Habits That Cause Acne

Edukasistan.com - There are many things that can cause your skin to break out in acne. Here are some acne-causing habits that you should pay attention to. Acne is scary for everyone, especially for women. Its presence ruins the beauty of the skin and makes it unhealthy.

Acne often causes a burning sensation on the face. Especially if it doesn't burst and is still inside the skin, it will be very painful. Even when acne has burst and healed, it becomes another problem that causes acne scars.

For this reason, acne is not good for anyone. From its disturbing beauty to the difficult-to-heal scar, it makes people who see it annoyed. But do you know that there are certain actions that can increase the likelihood of acne?

Habits that cause acne

Habits that cause acne
Habits that cause acne

In general, many of you may not be aware that these habits can cause acne. This is because these actions are very close and common in daily activities. Here are the behaviors that can cause acne:

1. Don't sleep too late at night

If you often sleep at night or even sleep until the morning, it's no wonder if your skin starts to break out in acne. This is because at that time your body should be resting, but you are not. Maybe you have a job that requires you to stay up until dawn, so when you sleep soundly, your skin is more prone to acne because your body is not working properly.

2. Not being clean

Acne often appears because you don't take care of the cleanliness of your home. or Maybe you also forget to change your pillow and bedspread for several months, or forget to change your towel and apply it to your entire face after bathing. These actions can cause bacteria and germs to stick to your face and cause the development of acne. Therefore, it is important to maintain cleanliness to avoid acne that can ruin your appearance.

3. Stress

Stress has a major impact on the formation of acne on your skin. Many people experience severe acne due to stress, so it is important to manage stress well so as not to have dangerous effects on the skin. Start by reducing the level of stress in your mind. This step must be taken if you feel stressed, so as not to become a recurring problem.

4. Difficulty bathing

Who would have thought that occasionally difficulty bathing could cause acne? Bathing every day is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the skin and avoid acne. If you often don't have time or don't have enough motivation to bathe, acne can appear on your skin.

5. Smoking

Smoking can damage your skin and cause acne. Cigarette smoke causes the blood vessels on the face to narrow, so the nutrients needed by the skin are not adequately supplied.

6. Don't forget to change your mask

Currently, the use of masks is increasing with the emergence of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Many people still use masks when traveling. However, the area under the mask becomes damp and can cause acne. Usually, the areas that are prone to acne are on the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Therefore, it is advisable to change the mask you are wearing after a few hours of use. This is done to avoid the friction between the dirty mask and your skin. Okay, those are some habits that can cause acne. That's it for this discussion, thank you for reading.

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