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Benefits and Functions of the Left Brain

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! In this opportunity, we will discuss about the benefits and functions of the left brain. The brain is a very important organ in living beings, especially in humans because it is the center of coordination.

The cerebrum is the largest part of the human brain, responsible for processing all intellectual activities such as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, and planning for the future. These functions involve both sides of the brain, the right brain and the left brain.

The brain is divided into two parts, the left brain and the right brain. What are the functions and dominant signs of the left brain? Can humans live only relying on one side of the brain? What happens if the left brain does not work optimally? Read the following review to find out the answers.

Functions of the Left Brain

Benefits and Functions of the Left Brain
Benefits and Functions of the Left Brain

The human brain has two parts that each have their own functions. Roger Sperry, an American neuropsychologist, was the first person to explain the functions of these two parts of the brain through his research on the human brain.

His research results show that the two parts of the brain, left and right, work together and share information through nerve fibers called the corpus callosum. The brain works cross-functionally, meaning the left brain controls the muscles on the right side of the body, while the right brain controls the muscles on the left side of the body.

Generally, the left brain is superior in learning language. This means that this part is responsible for processing what we hear, regulating the ability to speak, and regulating reasoning. If someone is able to understand language, they will find it easier to understand things explained.

Therefore, the left brain makes people think logically and able to pay attention to detail and think analytically. This explains why people who have left brain superiority are often said to be good at math.

Characteristics of a More Dominant Left Brain

Everyone has different brain abilities. The brain also has different activities in each of its parts. Do you have a dominant left brain? Here are some of its characteristics:

1. Skilled in Planning

The left brain tends to organize realistic activities. Therefore, someone with left brain superiority tends to be able to plan goals well and have clear standards to measure the success of their goals because they have a well thought-out plan.

2. Skilled in Reading Maps

People who have left brain dominance are good at reading directions on maps. This is because they quickly focus and easily memorize shapes or directions.

3. Have a high memory

The left brain is responsible for memory and reasoning, so someone with left brain dominance tends to have a sharp memory. They are able to remember information in detail, even for events that happened a long time ago.

4. Mathematician and Language Expert

People who have left brain dominance think using analytical reasoning. This makes it easy for someone to master mathematics, science, and even to easily learn new languages.

5. Logical Thinking

Spontaneously, someone who has left brain dominance will solve problems with logic and not with feelings. When encountering a problem, someone who is dominant with the left brain will automatically find a solution with their reasoning.

Simple Ways to Train the Left Brain

Actually, brain abilities can be trained. Are you interested in training your left brain? There are some simple ways that can be done to train left brain abilities, including:

1. Learning a Foreign Language

By learning a foreign language, you can improve your brain abilities. The left brain will work to store many new vocabulary. The structure and vocabulary of a foreign language will help you train your memory.

2. Solving Puzzles

The left brain functions to solve problems. You can improve your thinking abilities by solving many problems. Solving many puzzles will help you think by optimizing your reasoning.

3. Counting with the Brain

In today's technological age, it may be easier for us to do calculations with a calculator. However, remember that the world is dominated by numbers, ranging from prices, doses of medicine, time, car license plates to distance.

Try to use mental calculations for every activity. For example, when dividing food payments with friends. Don't use practical ways like using a calculator too quickly, try to calculate it yourself in your head.

If you are used to using a calculator for easy calculations, then your brain will get used to being relaxed and that will have a negative effect on the left brain.

Impact of Left Brain Damage

If someone suffers an injury to the left side of their brain, this will affect their ability to speak and move on the right side of their body. Although they may have difficulty speaking, they can still understand instructions and express ideas.

People who have damage to the left brain are more likely to have aphasia, which is difficulty in speaking. However, damage to the right brain can also cause aphasia, although with a smaller probability.

For example, someone with aphasia might say "grass cutter" instead of "lawn mower" without realizing it. Although humans can live by relying on only one part of the brain, they will still have deficiencies in their activities.

Relying too much on one part of the brain can also reduce the abilities of other parts of the brain. Therefore, try not to only train one side of the brain. Each part of the brain has separate roles and tasks but they both share information.

A simple example is when you want to borrow a pencil from a friend, but you can't remember the name of the object even though you recognize it. In this situation, you will try to borrow it by mimicking writing or pointing to the object without mentioning the name of the object because you don't remember it.

This is because there is information about the object that came from the right brain that cannot be passed on to the left brain. The left brain plays a role in language functions. Therefore, it is better to maximize the functions of both brains synergistically.

That is our discussion today about the benefits and functions of the left brain. I hope what I wrote is useful. If there are any errors, please excuse me and thank you for reading. See you in the next post.

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