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Characteristics and How to overcome Social Media addiction

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! On this occasion, we will discuss the characteristics and ways to overcome social media addiction. Addiction is not limited to alcohol, cigarettes, sex, food or sweet drinks, drugs or games, but also social media.

Social media addiction should be watched out for as it can cause various problems such as a lack of self-confidence, tendency to compare oneself with others, and mental pressure. Social media is something that is frequently used or opened by all of us, especially in the era of rapid technological advancement like now.

How to overcome Social Media addiction
How to overcome Social Media addiction

Social media is often used as a place to interact and communicate with many people, even those whom we can't meet in the real world.

However, did you know that there is a disease caused by social media known as social media addiction? On this occasion, I want to provide information about the characteristics of social media addiction and ways to overcome it.

Traits of Social Media Addiction

1. Always online anywhere and anytime

A characteristic of someone who is obsessed with social media is that they are always online wherever and whenever. Not just on vacation, when crossing the street or even in the bathroom, someone who is obsessed with social media is always connected to social media.

They never feel bored all day by holding their phone to scroll through the timeline and watch viral videos that never end, or checking hundreds of vacation photos or idolized film stars.

No matter what they are doing, someone who is obsessed with social media will find ways and places to stay connected to social media.

2. Wake up, immediately check social media

Another characteristic of someone who is obsessed with social media is that they always check their phone as soon as they wake up. They will check what they missed on social media during the night's sleep. The phone becomes the last thing turned off before bed, and it can even disturb sleep due to the addiction of browsing social media.

3. Thinking of uploading selfies and statuses

Obsession with social media is characterized by the drive to always upload perfect photos and statuses to get likes and attention from followers. This process can take time and be very annoying. But for someone addicted to social media.

This is not noticed because the goal is to make others jealous and to seek recognition from others. Sometimes, this can cause social media users to edit photos and statuses in great detail, repeating until they get the desired result.

How to Overcome Social Media Addiction

1. Focus on the people around you

To overcome social media addiction, try to start with something simple. For example, focus on your friends or family when you are together. Briefly put your phone in your bag or somewhere else.

Remember, what they need is not only your presence but also the positive energy you give them. Imagine how it feels to talk to someone who is busy on their social media phone. Very annoying, right?

So, if you don't want to be treated that way, respect the person talking to you by giving them full attention.

2. Turn off Notifications

This is also very effective in avoiding social media addiction. By turning off notifications, you will be more focused on doing tasks or other things you are doing.

3. Meet More in Person

Although communicating through features like FaceTime on social media is not wrong, try to rethink if it is your primary choice. It is better to meet in person with other people, right?

Meeting people in person has many benefits such as developing closer communication, speaking directly, joking and playing. It's more fun than just through FaceTime.

4. Find Alternative Activities

If you feel addicted to social media, immediately find other activities that are beneficial to reduce your dependence on the virtual world. By having a busy schedule for other activities, your time to be stuck on social media will decrease.

What activities can you try? There are many options, such as exercising, gathering with family or close friends, or pursuing hobbies or new activities that are fun with friends.

You need to remember, spending hours in the virtual world can make you dependent on technology and less social with other people.

5. Limit Use Regularly

One of the best ways to avoid being addicted to social media is by limiting the time you spend on social media every day. You can use tools such as timers or stopwatches to control social media use.

By getting used to setting a time limit for social media use, you can also reduce addiction to social media.

So, those are some of the characteristics and ways to overcome social media addiction. If you feel that social media is starting to decrease your productivity and you feel unable to handle it on your own, it never hurts to seek help from a professional to get advice that is more suitable for your current condition.

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