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Inspiration for School Lesson Schedule

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! You must be familiar with the lesson schedule. Because we have different subjects every day, it is important to make a schedule so that it does not get mixed up and we can prepare well.

Similarly, when learning online, schools provide a lesson schedule to keep it organized. Read on to see examples of online learning lesson schedules.

The function of a lesson schedule

Inspiration for School Lesson Schedule
Inspiration for School Lesson Schedule

Proper and effective scheduling of subjects is needed, so as not to interfere with the teaching and learning process with teacher and student activities. Lesson schedules are usually given at the beginning of the academic year to optimize the teaching and learning activities in school.

In regular teaching and learning activities, schools will provide 4-5 subjects that students must follow every day. This is useful to know what the subject is tomorrow or to prepare for an exam.

However, because the online learning system began to be implemented since the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have changed policies in scheduling lessons. For example, from initially 3-4 subjects per day, it was changed to two subjects per day so that students can focus and pay attention to the teacher well.

Because learning is done at home, it is also important for you to make an overall schedule of activities such as wake-up time, school time, independent learning time, doing homework, and rest time

Examples of a lesson schedule

Before creating a lesson schedule or activity when learning remotely, first determine the time needed for preparation before school, the duration of the lesson, the time to do tasks, and the time to rest.

You can set aside one hour before class for preparation such as bathing, breakfast, or light exercise at home. In the schedule, make sure to include information on the day and activity, start and end time of the activity.

This will help you not to procrastinate too much. An example of a lesson schedule can be created using software such as Microsoft Words or manually and decorated to make it more attractive. To make a lesson schedule or activity when learning remotely, here are some ways that can be applied:"

1. School lesson schedule

Schools usually provide a lesson schedule every new academic year that can be used. Here is a template of a school lesson schedule that you can use as a reference for creating your activity schedule when learning online.

class schedule templates

2. Activity schedule

The table feature of Microsoft Words can be used to create a neat and easily seen lesson schedule every day. You can also customize the activity information according to your daily routine.

class schedule templates

3. Creative lesson schedule

Those who have a creative spirit can try making a schedule using the bullet journal system. You can customize the lesson schedule template according to your preferences and find inspiration on the internet.

class schedule templates

Remember to manage your time well and have enough time to learn and rest. That's our discussion about Inspiration for School Lesson Schedule, hopefully, what I wrote above will be useful. If there's any mistake, I apologize and thank you for reading.

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