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Human Needs Satisfiers According to Economic Theory

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! We must realize how often we deal with economic principles in our daily routine. It happens when we buy food in the supermarket, pay our electricity bills every month, or when we are looking for a new job.

Economic principles provide a vital basis for understanding how individuals meet their needs and how allocating limited resources can be done efficiently. The economic principle studies how people use limited resources to meet their needs.

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    It covers the aspects of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The importance of understanding economic principles lies in its ability to help us make wiser decisions in regulating personal and business finances.

    With a good understanding of economic principles, we can be more optimistic in using existing resources and achieving our expected financial goals. Therefore, we need to learn and apply economic principles in everyday life. In this article, I will explain the economic principle and why it is essential to understand human needs.

    • Economic theory explains how humans use limited resources to meet their needs.
    • The means of filling human needs include goods and services.
    • Goods are physical objects that can be acquired and used to meet human needs.
    • Services are services provided by individuals or companies to meet the needs of humans.
    • In economics, choosing the most effective and efficient means to fill human needs to increase human satisfaction is essential.

    Definition of Economic Theory

    Human Needs Satisfiers According to Economic Theory
    Human Needs Satisfiers According to Economic Theory

    Economic theory is a field of study that explores how humans regulate the use of limited resources to satisfy their unlimited desires. Through its principles and concepts, economic theory provides insights into how individuals and societies choose in the limitations of existing resources.

    The principle of cost opportunity is one of the key concepts in economic theory, which states that any decision taken always has alternative costs to be avoided. Other concepts that are also important include the law of supply and demand, elasticity, inflation, and economic growth, among others.

    Human Needs Satisfiers According to Economic Theory

    As social beings, humans have various physical and non-physical needs that must be met to live a harmonious life. Economic theory identifies and classifies the tools used to meet these needs.

    Goods are physical objects that can be seen, touched, or possessed, while services are services or jobs given by someone to meet our needs.

    1. Goods

    Goods are essential in meeting basic human needs, including everything from everyday needs, such as food and clothing, to vehicles and household appliances. These goods play a vital role in everyday life, providing direct value and benefits to their users.

    For example, food is vital to survival, serves as a commodity in the economy, and has a market value that can be traded. It shows the importance of goods in human life, biologically and economically.

    2. Service

    In addition to physical goods, services also play an essential role in satisfying human needs. Services include all forms of work or services provided by individuals or groups to satisfy the needs of others without producing physical products.

    Examples of services include medical services provided by a doctor, dental care, or even repair services from an electrician. Shipping services are also in this category, delivering goods quickly from one place to another.


    In economics, goods and services are the two main categories that meet human needs. Goods are physical objects we can see and touch, while services are activities or work done for us. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to determining the best strategy for meeting the needs of individuals and societies.

    In this article, it has been outlined about the concept of economic theory and its relevance in the context of human needs. Economic theory provides insight into how individuals manage limited resources to meet unlimited needs.

    The means used to satisfy human needs can be in the form of goods or services. Goods refer to physical objects that directly benefit the user, while services relate to the activities or work someone does to meet our needs.

    Understanding how the tools of human needs work according to economic theory is crucial because it helps us make better decisions in managing limited resources. With this knowledge, we can increase efficiency and improve society's general well-being.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is Economic Theory?

    Economic theory refers to the analysis of how individuals use limited resources to satisfy their needs.

    2. What is the meaning of Need Loader?

    A need filler refers to any goods or services individuals use to satisfy their life needs.

    3. How much is the need for a loader?

    Need Loaders are divided into several categories, namely consumer goods, capital goods and services.

    4. Definition of Consumer Goods?

    Consumer goods are items that humans directly use to meet daily needs, for example, food, clothing, and vehicles.

    5. What is Capital Goods?

    Capital goods are items used in producing other goods or providing services, such as machines, tools, and buildings.

    6. Understanding the Service?

    A service is a job or service provided by a person or group to meet the needs of others, including transportation, health, and education services.

    7. What Production process do loaders need?

    Production of Loading Tools Needs involves using productive factors that include labour, capital, and natural resources.

    8. Distribution of Loader Need?

    The distribution of Need Loaders occurs through market mechanisms, where sellers and buyers meet to make transactions.

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