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Types of Human Needs Based on Time of Need

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! Each individual has a variable set of needs, ranging from basic needs like food and clothing to additional needs like entertainment and recreation. However, the urgency of these needs varies, so it is essential to understand how urgent each need is to help us prioritize and manage existing resources more efficiently.

In the economic sphere, needs are divided into primary and secondary. Primary needs are fundamental needs that everyone must meet to maintain their survival, including food, clothing, housing, and health.

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    On the other hand, secondary needs are not crucial to survival but are necessary to improve quality of life, such as entertainment, recreation, and education. Moreover, needs can also be classified by the time they are fulfilled into short- and long-term needs.

    Short-term needs are needs that need immediate satisfaction, like food and beverages, while long-term needs take longer to be met, like education and investment.

    In organizing our resources, it is essential to prioritize needs based on their urgency and time of need. By understanding the classification of these needs, we can plan spending more effectively and avoid waste or unnecessary spending. This article will discuss economic needs and their classification according to their time requirements.

    • Economic needs refer to everything that requires economic resources to be satisfied.
    • According to the time of need, human needs can be divided into urgent, present, and future needs.
    • Urgent needs need to be immediately satisfied because they are vital to survival.
    • Current needs are the needs to be met in the short term to sustain everyday life.
    • Future needs are those needs that must be prepared early in order to face the situation that will occur later on.

    Definition of Economic Needs

    Types of Human Needs Based on Time of Need
    Types of Human Needs Based on Time of Need

    Economic needs are vital for human survival, covering everything humans need to live a decent life. These include food, clothing, housing, education, health, and transportation.

    In the context of economic needs, the primary focus is on fulfilling basic needs, which means that everything humans need to live a decent life must be prioritized before considering other needs, such as social or psychological.

    Economic needs are crucial to the survival of humanity. Everything necessary to live a decent life must be satisfied before considering other needs. Therefore, cooperation between government and society is essential to meet these economic needs so everyone can live in dignity and prosperity.

    Type of human needs based on time needs

    Fast Facts: Human needs can be categorized into three types based on the timing of their needs: urgent needs that must be met immediately, present needs that should be met shortly, and future needs that may not seem important now but will be critical in the future.

    1. Urgent need

    Urgent need refers to a need to be met immediately to avoid risk to a person's life or health. It includes basic needs such as food to prevent hunger, shelter for protection from extreme weather conditions or other threats, and emergency health services. The primary priority should be given to fulfilling these urgent needs as they are directly related to the survival and well-being of individuals.

    2. The need now

    Today's needs need to be met shortly but less quickly than urgent needs. These include needs such as clothing, transportation, and recreational activities. Although not directly threatening survival, meeting today's needs is vital to ensuring our comfort and efficiency in daily activities. It is important to remember that the current need can become urgent if not addressed in time.

    3. The need to come

    Future needs may seem insignificant right now, but they will become essential. This includes education to improve skills and future employment prospects, savings for retirement to prepare for life after work, and emergency funds for unexpected situations such as natural disasters or health problems. Planning and preparing for this coming need is crucial to ensuring we can deal with it better when it comes.


    Economic needs are vital to human survival, and cooperation between government and society is essential. By understanding and prioritizing needs based on urgency, we can utilize existing resources effectively, ensuring everyone can live a decent and prosperous life.

    This article emphasizes the importance of recognizing and prioritizing human needs according to their level of interest. Urgent needs must be prioritized because they are related to survival and well-being.

    Besides, it is also essential to pay attention to the needs of the present to ensure that we remain comfortable and productive in everyday life. Planning for future needs is also crucial to better prepare us to deal with them later.

    Each individual has different priorities and responsibilities. By understanding the urgency of different needs, we can prioritize more wisely and use available resources efficiently. I hope this article provides a new perspective on recognizing and prioritizing needs based on urgency.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is that type of human need based on its time needs?

    The type of time-based human needs refers to grouping various human needs according to a specific phase or period of life.

    2. What kinds of human needs are timely?

    Human needs based on their time needs include physical, emotional, and social needs.

    3. What is a physical need?

    Physical needs include everything the human body needs to function correctly, including nutrition, water, clothing, shelter, and health.

    4. What is a psychological need?

    Psychological needs relate to human mental and emotional aspects, including the need for security, love, appreciation, and self-actualization.

    5. What is Social Need?

    Social needs relate to human needs for interaction and relationships with others, including friendship, love, security, and recognition.

    6. How do we meet human needs on a timely basis?

    Time-based human needs can be met by identifying and providing relevant needs at each time phase in an appropriate and balanced manner.

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