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Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 1

Edukasistan.com - Hello guys! pada kesempatan kali ini aku akan memberikan Kalian Latihan Soal Grammar Part 1. Saat kita mempelajari Grammar bahasa inggris, Latihan soal merupakan salah satu cara yang ampuh untuk mempelancar kamu dalam belajar.

Selain itu juga, untuk kamu yang telah lulus dari sekolah ataupun kuliah tetapi belum bisa menggunakan bahasa inggris, Kamu telah menemukan Website yang tepat. Karena disini aku akan memberikan Materi, Latihan Soal, dan Quiz Grammar secara gratis yang bisa kamu akses dimenu navigasi.

latihan soal grammar
Latihan Soal Grammar Part 1

Oke balik lagi ketopik, untuk kesempatan kali ini. Aku akan memberikan Latihan Soal bahasa inggris beserta pembahasannya yang mudah dimengerti oleh semua kalangan. Tanpa banyak basa-basi berikut Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris.

Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Note !!!

  • Untuk Materi Grammar Terlengkap Bisa Lihat Disini
  • Untuk Soal Quiz Grammar bisa lihat Disini

1. If the students … late to submit the scholarship application to the board, they will not be listed as candidates.
  1. be
  2. are
  3. were
  4. have
Jawaban : B. are
Gunakan rumus conditional if tipe 1 yaitu if + S + V1 + O, S + Will + V1 + O. untuk Materi lengkapnya kamu bisa lihat disini

2. Kiranti said to Tono, “Did you finish your homework?” Kiranti asked to Tono …
  1. whether he finished his homework.
  2. whether he has finished his homework.
  3. if he finished his homework.
  4. if he had finished his homework.
Jawaban : A. whether he finished his homework
penekanan terhadap subyek kalimat

3. The farmers exterminate rodents in their farmland … they damage the crops.
  1. if
  2. though
  3. however
  4. as
Jawaban : D. as
cause and effect: klausa pertama merupakan akibat dari klausa ke dua sehingga digunakan as. untuk Materi Lengkapnya kamu bisa Lihat disini

4. Rust can deteriorate a steel pipe to such an extent that it will snap easily … it were a twig.
  1. if
  2. unless
  3. as though
  4. although
Jawaban : C. as though
it were’ (subjunctive): hal yang disebutkan sesudahnya berlawanan dengan kenyataan, atau pengandaian. Jadi yang paling tepat adalah ‘as though’.

5. Scholarship is admitted to the university … he or she passes the test.
  1. if
  2. unless
  3. whether
  4. as
Jawaban : B. unless
If berarti jika, Whether berarti apakah, as berarti sebagai, Unless (melainkan) menyatakan hal yang sebaliknya.

6. Fortunately you assisted him to push the car. If you hadn’t helped him, he … angry with you.
  1. will get
  2. would get
  3. should
  4. would have gotten
Jawaban : D. would have gotten
Gunakan rumus conditional if tipe 3 yaitu if + had + V3 / been, S + would / could / might + have + V3 / been. Untuk materi lengkapnya, bisa kamu lihat disini

Reading 1 for question number 7-10

Scientists today are concerned about the growing number of species in the world that may soon become extinct. The United Nations, along with many governments, are trying to save these endangered species. To help resolve this issue, scientists have been trying to learn why species become endangered.

In the United States, loss of habitat is the main reason for species becoming endangered. As populations grow and cities or towns expand, nature is destroyed and the ecosystem is affected. Even small changes in one part of an ecosystem can have a big impact on another part of it. For example, deforestation may result in a change in ground temperature, which may kill off a certain kind of plant in the forest. Animals that eat this plant may suddenly find that there is no available food so they starve to death.

Another possible cause of endangered or extinct species is climate change and rising sea levels. As the Earth gets warmer, this has profound effects on animal and plant life everywhere. For example, rising sea levels make coastal areas uninhabitable for birds. Warmer temperatures melt the ice where polar bears live, destroying their habitat and making it harder for them to find food. A recent scientific study has found that the average weight of polar bears has dropped by 15 per cent in the last 20 years because of this. The rising seas also make it harder for polar bears to swim from the cold waters to frozen packs of ice so many of them drown.

There are several ways that people are trying to help endangered species recover. Ecologists study different species and try to find out more information about them to try and help. In Finland, for example, scientists found that a decrease in the number of bogs or swamps was responsible for the falling butterfly population.

Once they understood this, they could manage the butterfly population and help it recover. Governments are also passing laws to protect endangered animals. One example of this is an area near Hawaii with a critically low fish population. The United States’ government has made it illegal for fishing boats to enter this area. Since this region has unique fish species, scientists and governments are working hard to save them.

7. It is implied in the article that, ecosystems are fragile because …
  1. changes in one aspect may impact others
  2. they have very high ground temperatures
  3. they are uninhabitable for wildlife and birds
  4. sthey have no readily available food source
Jawaban : A. changes in one aspect may impact others.
It is implied in the article that, ecosystems are fragile because changes in one aspect may impact others. Lihat paragraf kedua kalimat kedua.

8. According to the article, what might happen to the land after trees have been cut down?
  1. the temperature might mean that whole forests are destroyed.
  2. the temperature of the ground makes it difficult to cultivate new types of plants
  3. the temperature might alter leading to certain species of plant not being able to survive
  4. the temperature might increase leading to certain species of animals leaving the area
Jawaban : C. the temperature might alter leading to certain species of plant not being able to survive.
According to the article the temperature might alter leading to certain species of plant not being able to survive after trees have been cut down. Lihat paragraf kedua kalimat keempat.

9. According to the article, what is one way that people are trying to help save endangered species?
  1. Encouraging deforestation.
  2. Examining causation.
  3. Fishing in protected areas.
  4. Teaching polar bears to swim.
Jawaban : B. Examining causation
One way that people are trying to help save endangered species is examining causation. Lihat paragraf ketiga

10. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
  1. Cities and towns in the United States are growing too fast.
  2. Most endangered species are located in the United States.
  3. Changing an ecosystem can result in habitat loss and the death of animals.
  4. We need to plant more forests to prevent animals from becoming endangered.
Jawaban : C. Changing an ecosystem can result in habitat loss and the death of animals
The main idea of paragraph 2 changing an ecosystem can result in habitat loss and the death of animals. Paragraf 2 membahas pengaruh habitat dengan kematian hewan.

Nah seperti itu lah 10 Soal Grammar beserta Pembahasannya, buat kamu yang pingin mempelajari Materi lainnya seperti SBMPTN (Soshum atau Saintek), CPNS, PKN STAN. Silakan klik di menu navigasi ya disitu telah aku bikin materinya.

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