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The Best Universities in The World

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! In this occasion, we will discuss the best universities in the world. There are several universities below that have remained in the top 5 for years and are still holding strong. This means that many universities are able to maintain their quality and prestige on an international level, so many students want to study there.

Universities with good reputations and ratings show that the university has a good reputation internationally. However, in this review, I will provide the top 5 best universities in the world that can be recommended to you.

The best universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings

The Best Universities in the World
The Best Universities in the World

The world university ranking body, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings (WUR), has released a list of the best universities in the world for 2023. The evaluation includes nearly 1,500 educational institutions from around the world. Here are the top 5 universities in the world for 2023 according to QS WUR ranking:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is ranked first in the best universities in the world according to QS World. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was founded in 1861. MIT is the first school to focus on science and technology education. However, over time, MIT also began to develop other faculties such as management, economics, biology, and political science.

Many of the most sought-after and famous departments at MIT are the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Lincoln Laboratory, Sloan School of Management, Whitehead Institute, and Media Lab. As a leading international university, it is not surprising that MIT has won a total of 59 Nobel prizes in all of its departments.

2. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was first established in 1209 in Cambridgeshire, England. Almost the same as Oxford, this university has been around for a long time, but there is no definite information about its history. However, some sources say that the University of Cambridge separated from the original Oxford students and founded its own university in the Cambridge region.

Here are some of the majors that are popular among University of Cambridge students, such as Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Economics, Geography, History, Humanities, Social and Political Science, Law, Linguistics, Education Management, Music, Philosophy, Theology, and many more.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University
Stanford University

Stanford University, commonly known as Stanford, is a private university founded in California, United States in 1891. In fact, the university outperformed Harvard, making many students from across America and the world strive to study there.

Although 30 years older than MIT, it is not unlikely that Stanford could become a historically significant university that makes a major contribution to the science field in the United States. Competing among the top schools, Stanford can be said to have grown into one of the best schools in the world, especially in the fields of science and technology.

Thus, it is not surprising that large-scale studies on technological and industrial progress often use Stanford as a source of information. Like MIT, Stanford is also the largest private university offering a variety of fields of study. Some faculties at Stanford are engineering, education, law, medicine, business, humanities, business studies, and science.

4. University of Oxford

University of Oxford
University of Oxford

What comes to mind when you first hear about Oxford? You may be familiar with this famous university in England. The University of Oxford is an educational institution with a long history.

No one knows for sure when Oxford was established, but some English history sources say that the University of Oxford has been around since 1096 or earlier.

Although it has a long history, Oxford "usually" makes a significant contribution to education and science worldwide. If you want to study at Oxford, you can choose some of the majors you are interested in.

Some of the most popular majors at Oxford are the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, MBA, Social and Media Sciences, and many more.

5. Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard University

Who doesn't know this famous university? Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world with a large popularity for over a dozen decades. 90s kids may also often hear that this university is used in many films and TV shows because it is "famous". It can be said that the United States is home to great universities with very good quality.

Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States that has produced many scientists and influential people who have influenced the development of science, law, and business in America.

Some famous alumni of Harvard University include US President John F. Kennedy, Josh W. Bush, Barack Obama. In addition to the first three presidents, there is also Bill Gates, a former influential Harvard! Maybe there are some of you who want to be like Bill Gates?

Well, that's the Best Universities in the World according to QS World University Rankings. The ranking system used by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is based on several factors, namely the name of the institution, the quality of students and student majors, the number of department references, the number of international departments, and the number of international students at the university.

The goal of QS in creating this ranking is to provide independent results, goals, and data to help students choose the right university. If you have a strong desire to study abroad, there is no harm in applying to the top 5 famous universities mentioned above.

However, hopes alone are not enough. You must prepare yourself in every way to be accepted there, both academically and financially. To prepare yourself, you can diligently search for information and books related to future study plans on the internet. Don't forget to keep learning and improving your abilities in order to achieve your dream of studying at a prestigious university.

Okay, that was the discussion today about the Best Universities in the World. I hope what I wrote is useful. If there are any wrong words, please forgive me and thank you for reading. See you in the next article.

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