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Tips for Handling School Exams

Edukasistan.com - Hello guys, how are you? As usual, I will invite all of you to discuss tips on how to face exams. This time, I will give tips on how to prepare for the final exam in order to pass. Come on, listen until the end!

Before going any further, I want to ask you how you prepare for the final exam that you are currently taking? And is there anyone among you who has already started focusing on the final exam?

For those of you who are sitting in high school, this can be a golden ticket to be accepted into your dream state university. Especially for those of you who are considering entering through the choice path. Because, to pass on this path, you must have good grades from each semester.

Tips for Facing School Exams

Tips for Handling School Exams
Tips for Handling School Exams

Are you ready to face a school exam? Well, to increase your preparation in facing a school exam, let's look at tips for facing a school exam!

Here are some tips that you can apply to face a semester exam. Let's look at it below and read to the end.

1. Study at the right time

There are many opinions that the most effective time to study is at night. However, there is also research that shows that it is better to study in the morning (dawn). You must find out for yourself when the right time is to study. The point is that you must be able to set aside time to study.

Because some people are more productive at night and some are more productive in the morning. You need to know the best way to learn according to your own characteristics.

Don't be influenced by your friends' study time. If you think it's easier to understand in the morning, start getting used to it now.

2. Answer Exam Questions Frequently

Don't be proud when you successfully answer 1 question. No one will believe you when you only say you can answer all exam questions. The only way to show your understanding is to practice a lot of questions.

There are ways to increase your ability to answer these questions. You can try by answering more than 3 questions every day in each subject. For example, if you study mathematics, and you can answer 3 practice questions every day, then in 1 month you can answer more than 50 practice questions.

3. Study together with friends

When the final semester exam begins, you are not allowed to work with your friends to answer questions. However, as the semester comes to an end, it doesn't hurt to invite friends to work on problems together.

That is, in other words, you can do "Study Group". For example, determine which day to use to study together and determine where you will study. One of the benefits of studying together is that you can exchange ideas with each other.

Not just answering questions, studying together can also train courage to think and train emotional intelligence to accept others' ideas. In addition, it can also strengthen your friendship.

4. Choose a good learning environment

Tip number 4 is the same as tip number 1 before. Each person has their own choice of a learning environment that suits them. Some of you probably prefer to study in a quiet place. A peaceful environment is an important factor for the success of learning.

My favorite place to study is always in the library. There are also those who like to study in cafes while drinking coffee or tea. Wear headphones and listen to calming music, then start working on problems. If you are thirsty, just drink the coffee in front of you.

There is nothing wrong with the learning environment, what you need to understand is that you need to know how the environment supports your learning. You should already know this, right?

5. Increase study time at home

Preparing for the next final semester exam is about spending study time at home. Because there is still a pandemic, you need to effectively manage your study time at home. Because the time to meet with teachers and friends is increasingly limited, currently you spend more time at home, right?

Instead of wasting time on social media, it would be better if you use that free time to study. Maybe at first you will feel bored but in the long run it will make us accustomed,

Oh yeah, don't forget to pray! Prayer can build self-confidence in our ability to answer exam questions. Ask for prayers from parents too so that you can easily answer exam questions later.

Well, these are all Tips for preparing for a semester exam from me. Hopefully these tips will be useful for you in achieving success in answering exam questions. Also remember to prepare for exams from a long time ago. That's the discussion today, Good luck in facing school exams, remember that the results will not betray the efforts you have made.

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