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How to Combat the Lazy Feeling to Go to School

Edukasistan.com - After you have enough enjoying your favorite activities during the holidays, it is time to return to your school routine. Of course, most of you are not too interested and feel lazy to face the truth that you have to face.

If you don't fight against your laziness, your academic achievement may be disrupted. In fact, this new school year is the right time to start again and improve what you learned last year. Come on, fight against laziness with these powerful tips to overcome laziness in going to school.

1. Wake Up Early

How to Combat the Lazy Feeling to Go to School
How to Combat the Lazy Feeling to Go to School

The first way to overcome laziness is by waking up early. According to psychologist Anna Surti Arianti quoted on okezone.com, one way to fight against laziness after a long holiday is by learning to do activities such as waking up early when school starts.

It is advisable for you to prepare yourself before the end of the holiday, so that later when school starts, you will find it easier to wake up early. Not only that, by getting used to waking up earlier, you will avoid staying up late at night.

Sleeping too late will shorten your sleep time and make you feel more lazy to wake up the next day. This drowsiness will make you less enthusiastic and feel lazy to go to school.

2. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Psychologist Anna Surti Arianti also said that one way to eliminate laziness in school after a long holiday is by making plans using a calendar. This is done to prepare your mental when returning to school. For example, January 2nd, 2023 is the first day of school, you can mark that date. So, your mind is already prepared when it's time to go back to school.

3. Finish all tasks you have

Many schools usually give homework to their students before the school holiday. Make sure you complete this homework before returning to school. Don't forget to do the homework before school starts. Doing homework during the holiday will also overcome your laziness in continuing your studies.

4. Make a detailed plan

As mentioned before, this new school year is a new opportunity to improve your achievements from the previous year. So, before continuing your learning process as a student, it is advisable to make a clear plan and preparation first.

Start from school preparation, clothing, and goals for your education development. For example, if you managed to rank in the top 10 last school year, in the new semester you can make a plan and target to rank in the top 5. This target will also motivate you to be more interested.

5. Thinking positively

Thinking positively can also combat laziness. Thinking positively can provide motivation for daily activities at school. Instead of thinking about going back to learning and getting a lot of assignments, it's better to redirect that towards something more positive. For example, you can reconnect with your friends after the holidays.

6. Motivating oneself

For a student, self motivation is important. To regain your enthusiasm for going to school, you need to remember your motivation and goals. The more you identify your goals and the benefits of learning, the higher your motivation will be to succeed. That's why it's important to instill the importance of learning so that you can face the upcoming exams.

These are our discussions on How to Fight Laziness to go to School today. I hope what I wrote today is useful. If there are any mistakes or typos, please forgive me and thank you for reading until we meet in the next discussion.

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