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The benefits and movements of brain gymnastics

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! In this opportunity, we will discuss the benefits and movements of brain gymnastics. Have you ever heard of the term brain gymnastics? Recently, this activity has become quite popular, especially in educational institutions because it can help students' development and focus.

When you hear the word gymnastics, you might think that the movements required involve active body parts like regular gymnastics. However, unlike regular gymnastics, brain gymnastics must be done with simple movements.

Brain gymnastics are effective in dealing with stress and mental fatigue in adults. As for children, brain gymnastics can help to increase intelligence, as explained in a scientific report entitled "The Influence of Brain Gymnastics on Fine Motor Skills of Preschool Children".

The movements in brain gymnastics are easy to do by anyone, without the need for a special place. The most important thing in brain gymnastics is to pay attention to your thoughts by focusing, feeling emotions and physical conditions.

This can stimulate a balance between the hindbrain and the forebrain which is useful for improving brain development. Curious about the movements and benefits of brain gymnastics? Let's learn more about it.

The definition of Brain Gymnastics

The benefits and movements of brain gymnastics
The benefits and movements of brain gymnastics

The definition of Brain Gymnastics is a form of physical exercise that is designed to stimulate and improve the function of the brain. It typically involves a series of simple movements and exercises that are intended to improve cognitive skills such as memory, focus, and concentration.

Brain gymnastics is often used in educational settings as a way to enhance learning and development in students, as well as for adults to improve their overall brain performance.

Brain gymnastics are part of the Kinesiology Education program. Kinesiology Education means "learning through movement." This is a program based on advanced movements and is highly effective in increasing nerve communication throughout the mind and body to help you achieve your best potential in learning and life skills.

Brain gymnastics help to improve neurological function so that brain areas are better connected and can be accessed for any task given. The program uses developmental movements that can significantly enhance the brain.

Brain gymnastics were first created by Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D and his wife Gail E. Dannison. When doing brain gymnastics, the movements performed are very simple yet still effective.

The benefits of Brain Gymnastics

Generally, the benefits of brain gymnastics are to activate and optimize brain performance. Some more specific benefits of brain gymnastics are as follows:

  • Improving cognitive skills such as memory, focus, and concentration.
  • Enhancing coordination between various body parts.
  • Reducing stress and tension in the body.
  • Balancing the activities of the right and left brain.
  • Improving overall brain performance.
  • Enhancing the ability to learn and absorb information.
  • Improving overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Helping to improve intelligence.
  • Enhancing emotional balance and reducing emotional stress.
  • Can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, ability or background.

However, in general, the benefits of brain gymnastics include:

1. Improving Concentration and Focus

Brain gymnastics can help you improve coordination between movements of various body parts. Tension in the body parts can be well addressed through the movements performed while doing brain gymnastics.

As a result, the brain will be stimulated and more responsive in receiving information and can provide better focus which can improve memory retention of the information or material obtained.

2. Increase Intelligence

In addition to increasing concentration and focus, brain gymnastics also benefit to improve intelligence because it can help optimize brain performance. thus you can absorb information received better.

3. Releasing Stress

One of the brain gymnastics movement also can help to reduce stress. Through this movement, you can feel relaxation and peace.

For students, brain gymnastics provide good benefits in balancing the activities of the right and left brain and improving body movement coordination to be more balanced.

Simple Brain Gym Exercises For Children Adults

In brain gymnastics, there are many movements that can stimulate the brain. Although each movement has its own goals and benefits. For beginners, there are three basic movements that can be done, namely:

1. Cross Crawl Movement

The cross crawl movement can help in balancing the performance of the left and right brain and coordination of right and left hand movements. This movement is recommended to be done regularly so that body movements become more balanced and muscles can work well through consistent exercise.

Practicing balance with cross crawl can also increase focus and help to maintain body posture so that it is not easily fallen.

Cross crawl can be done in a lying, sitting, or standing position by lifting the left knee to touch the right elbow, turning the body to the left, and vice versa, or by performing walking in place.

This movement can be done when you will do activities that require body coordination, as well as when in a state of fatigue.

2. Positive Point Movement

The positive point movement uses an acupressure technique, which is by placing fingers on the forehead area right in the middle of the eyebrows and hairline.

By placing three fingers on that point, close your eyes and take a deep breath, counting to 10 times. This movement can be done repeatedly until feeling relaxed.

This movement can be done when feeling confused, disappointed, sad, tired, crying, even when feeling anxious and afraid. This movement can relieve emotional pressure and stress that makes you feel uncomfortable.

3. Hook Up Movement

The next basic movement is the Hook Up movement. This movement is beneficial for relaxing the central nerves in the body so that you can better control your emotions and thoughts. This movement can be done with a sitting or standing position, choosing the most comfortable position. Then cross and paste both hands in front of your chest.

Then touch the palms of your hands with the fingers that are interlocking, and lift them to touch the lower jaw. Sit with closed eyes while taking a deep breath, exhale slowly in a calm state for several minutes.

This movement can be done when you feel confused, sad, having difficulty in deciding something or making a decision, or needing focus when doing activities.

So, the description above is the brain gymnastics movement and benefits that you can get after doing it. How about it, have you thought about doing which movement? You can also combine the above movements with other exercises, too!

In addition to maintaining brain health, this exercise will also make the body healthier. OK, that's the discussion today about the benefits and movements of brain gymnastics, don't forget to do it with full enthusiasm. If there are any wrong words, please excuse me and thank you for reading.

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