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The Influence of Social Values on Culture

Edukasistan.com - Hello everyone! In this article, I will discuss the importance of understanding the influence of social values on our culture. Social values embraced by society can shape beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in everyday life.

Therefore, understanding the social values around us is very important. In our culture, many social values influence our daily lives, such as the value of kinship and tolerance.

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    These values shape the character of Indonesian people who are friendly, polite, and respectful. However, on the other hand, there are also unfavorable social values such as intolerance, discrimination, and corruption.

    Therefore, we need to understand the influence of these social values in order to improve and enhance our culture for the better. By understanding the influence of social values on our culture, we can build a more harmonious and prosperous society.

    • Social and cultural values are interrelated and influence each other.
    • Social values are the views and beliefs a society holds, while culture is the way of life and habits a group shares.
    • The positive influence of social values on culture can improve the quality of life and social harmony, while the negative influence can damage existing cultural values.
    • Social value conflicts within cultures can occur when the values held by different groups conflict.
    • Understanding and appreciating different social and cultural values is essential to creating social harmony and harmony.

    Definition of Social and Cultural Values

    The Influence of Social Values on Culture
    The Influence of Social Values on Culture

    Before we go any further, let us first define what we mean by social and cultural values. Social values refer to beliefs or principles individuals or groups hold in society. These values include moral, ethical, religious, political, and other aspects.

    Meanwhile, culture is the overall way of life of a group of people that includes their belief system, language, norms, art, and technology used to interact with the outside world.

    The Influence of Social Values on Our Culture

    Social values have a significant influence on our culture. This is because they form the basis of beliefs and attitudes in society. A clear example of this influence is how a society's views on marriage can be reflected in its norms.

    There are also many other examples, such as how the social values of a society also influence views on education, work, and human relationships. In our culture, social values such as kinship and mutual respect greatly influence how we live our daily lives.

    1. Positive Influence of Social Values on Culture

    The positive influence of social values on culture is significant to understand. One example of such positive influence is how values such as unity can strengthen the bonds between individuals in society.

    In our culture of rich ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity, the existence of social values that promote unity can help maintain harmony in society. There are also other examples, such as how mutual respect between the older and younger generations can form harmonious relationships within the family.

    2. Negative Influence of Social Values on Culture

    However, not all influences of social values on culture are positive. Negative influences also need to be considered to anticipate or reduce their impact. One example of such negative influence is discrimination based on ethnicity or religion.

    When individuals or groups have a negative view of a particular group just because of ethnic or religious differences, this can cause social injustice and conflict.

    Social Value Conflict in Culture

    Social value conflicts can also occur when different views or beliefs exist between groups in society. For example, in some cultures, individual freedom is favored, while collectivity values are emphasized in others.

    When two groups with different views meet, conflict can occur due to their different social values. This can lead to tension and misunderstanding between the groups.


    In the conclusion of this article, we need to understand the influence of social values on our culture. Social values form the basis of societal beliefs and attitudes and influence our daily way of life.

    We must promote positive social values such as unity, mutual respect, and cooperation to maintain societal harmony. With a good understanding of how social values influence our culture, we can work together to create an inclusive and fair environment for everyone.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is a social value?

    Social values are principles or beliefs people hold in a culture that influence their behavior and actions.

    2. What effect do social values have on culture?

    Social values influence culture because they form the norms and rules that people follow in their daily lives. Social values also influence the way people interact and communicate with each other.

    3. What are examples of social values that influence culture?

    Examples of social values that influence culture include family, mutual cooperation, hard work, tolerance, and honesty.

    4. How can social values be maintained and preserved in culture?

    Social values can be maintained and preserved in culture by teaching these values to the younger generation, practicing these values in daily life, and promoting these values through media and social activities.

    5. Can social values change over time?

    Social values can change over time as they are affected by social, political, and economic changes. However, changes in social values do not happen quickly and take a long time.

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