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10 Latihan Soal Conditional sentence dan Pembahasannya

Edukasistan.com - Hello guys, Masih penasaran dengan Contoh soal conditional sentence?, Setelah sebelunya kita sudah latihan conditional sentence part 1 sekarang kita lanjut untuk ke part 2 tapi kalau kalian belum paham dengan materi conditional sentence ada baiknya kalian pelajari dulu disini. Conditional Sentence adalah kalimat pengandaian dan  Conditional Sentence memiliki 3 type. Tapi jika kalian sudah paham dan masih penasaran dengan Soal conditional sentence ,yuk langsung aja kita latihan soal conditional sentence
Note !!!
- Untuk Pembahan Latihan Conditional Sentence Part 2 lihat disini
- Untuk Materi Conditional Sentence bisa kalian lihat disini
- Untuk Latihan Conditional Sentence Part 1 bisa kalian lihat disini
- Untuk Pembahasan Latihan Conditional Sentence Part 1 lihat disini

Latihan Soal Conditional sentence dan Pembahasannya

Latihan Soal Conditional Sentence (Part 2)
1. If Septia ....... after eat the barbeque, Tiwi will let the guests in.
A. Will have
B. Had play
C. plays
D.will play
E. can playing

2. If you had spoken English, she ....... understood.
A. Can
B. Would have
C. Should
D. was
E. could

3. If she works harder, she ....... her paper in time.
A. will finish
B. would finish
C. has finished
D. will be finishing
E. will have finished

4. ...... I known his true intentions, I would not have allowed him to stay in my house
A. Have
B. Had
C. Should
D. Were
E. Has

5. You weren't listening, to you didn't understand the directions But..
A. If you had been listening, you would understand the directions
B. if you were listening, you will understand the directions
C. if you are listening, you will understand the directions
D. if you has been listening, you will have understood the directions
E. if you had been listening you would have understood the directions

6. If I had enough apples, I...... an apple pie this afternoon.
a. Would have baked
b. Would bake
c. Will bake
d. Baked
e. had baked

7. Fred failed the test because he didn't study. However, if he ...... for the test, he ..... it.
A. studied...would pass
B. passed studied...passed
C. studies...will passes
D. Had studied.... Would have studied

8. Sally would answer the phone if she ....... in her office.
A. Is
B. Were
C. Are
D. will

9. Had I not quarreled with my brother, I ....... His car
A. could borrow
B. could have borrowed
C. can borrow
D. will have borrowed

10. if I had realized that you were a bad drived, I ....... My car
A. Hadn't lead you
B. Wouldn't have lent you
C. Will not lend you
D. Didn't lend you

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