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Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris part 10

Edukasistan.com - Hallo guys! Pada kesempatan ini aku akan memberikan Latihan Soal Grammar Part 10 beserta dengan pembahasan-nya yang mudah untuk kalian mengerti. Seperti yang kalian tau, saat kita mempelajari Grammar bahasa inggris, Latihan soal merupakan salah satu cara yang efektif untuk mempelancar kamu dalam belajar.

Selain itu juga, untuk kamu yang telah lulus dari sekolah ataupun kuliah tetapi belum bisa menggunakan bahasa inggris, Kamu telah menemukan Website yang tepat. Karena disini aku akan memberikan Materi, Latihan Soal, dan Quiz Grammar secara gratis yang bisa kamu akses dimenu navigasi.

latihan soal grammar
Latihan Soal Grammar Part 10

Oke balik lagi ketopik pembicaraan, pada kesempatan kali ini. kakak akan memberikan Latihan Soal bahasa inggris beserta dengan pembahasannya yang mudah untuk kalian pahami. Tanpa banyak basa-basi, berikut ini Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris dan pembahasannya.

Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Note !!!

  • Untuk Materi Grammar Terlengkap Bisa Lihat Disini
  • Untuk Soal Quiz Grammar bisa lihat Disini

1. That witches cause disasters and misfortunes ...among the colonists in Salem, Massachusetts.
  1. it was widely believed
  2. was widely believed
  3. was believed in a wide way
  4. they widely believed
Jawaban : B. was widely believed
was widely believed (Kalimat ini adalah kalimat pasif dan membutuhkan penggunaan adverb sebelum verb).

2. Nuclear power plant are still supported by the society of Professional Engineers ... unfortunate accidents like the one at Three Mile Island.
  1. nevertheless
  2. despite
  3. yet
  4. as well as
Jawaban : B. despite
despite (despite = walaupun; mengawali frase)

3. Jason’s professor had him to rewrite his thesis many times before allowing him to present it to the committee
  1. to rewrite
  2. many times
  3. allowing him
  4. it to
Jawaban : A. to rewrite
to rewrite (seharusnya “rewrite” -> pola causative S + had + O active + V1 + O passive). untuk Materi Lengkapnya kamu bisa lihat disini

4. Tropical forests can be find in Southeast Asia countries.
  1. forests
  2. find
  3. Southeast
  4. countries
Jawaban : B. find
Passive voice, seharusnya V3 dari find, yaitu found. untuk Materi Lengkapnya kamu bisa lihat disini

5. The six main parts of a business letter are the address, the inside address, the salutation, the body, the closing, and signing your name.
  1. six main parts
  2. business letter
  3. are
  4. signing your name
Jawaban : D. signing your name
signing your name (seharusnya “your signature”, karena ada kata hubung “and” maka tingkatan kalimatnya harus setara, dalam hal ini noun). untuk Materi Lengkapnya kamu bisa lihat disini

6. The harder he tried, the worst he danced before the large audience.
  1. tried
  2. worst
  3. danced
  4. large
Jawaban : B. worst
worst (seharusnya “worse”, perbandingannya harus sama, comparative1=comparative2). Untuk Materi lengkapnya silakan kamu lihat disini

7. Since it was so difficult for American Indians to negotiate a peace treaty or declare war in their native language, they used a universal understood form of sign language.
  1. difficult
  2. to negotiate
  3. in their native language
  4. universal
Jawaban : D. universal
universal (seharusnya adverb “universally”)

Reading for question number 8-10

In the last 500 years, over 1000 ships and aircraft have entered the Bermuda Triangle and mysteriously vanished. It is the deadliest place on Earth for planes and boats. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water about 500,000 square miles in size. One tip of the triangle starts from Miami, Florida and extends northeast towards the island of Bermuda. The next side of the triangle then runs straight south towards the Puerto Rico and then turns back northeast up to Florida.

The story of Flight 19 is one of the most incredible cases of Bermuda Triangle disappearances. In the early afternoon of December 5, 1945, five American military aircraft with 14 men aboard departed from a naval base in Florida on a training flight. These aircraft were called Avengers, and they were among the sturdiest and most reliable aircraft in the world at the time. Commander Charles Taylor, an experienced pilot, was supposed to lead the flight east from the Florida coastline, which would take them into the Bermuda Triangle. The sky was clear and it was a perfect day for flying but problems began about 90 minutes after takeoff.

Taylor radioed back to his base at 3:40 p.m. that he was lost and his plane’s compass was not working. This should not have been a problem as the normal procedure for going home was to simply fly west until they returned to the U.S. coast. The men of Flight 19, however, never returned home and the airplanes seemed to have simply vanished. The final radio messages from Flight 19 were very odd. One pilot stated, “Everything looks strange. Even the ocean.” Another one said, “It looks like we’re entering white water. We’re completely lost.” A rescue plane flew into the Bermuda Triangle to try and find the men but it crashed and all 13 men on board were killed. Later on, a Navy official stated that Flight 19 “flew off to Mars.”

Flight 19’s disappearance is just one of many in the long history of the Bermuda Triangle mystery. Is there a scientific explanation for these disappearances or are there supernatural forces at work in the area? The number of unanswered questions about the fate of the planes only adds to the mystery. Did Taylor, an experienced pilot, really make a simple navigational mistake? If so, why didn’t any of the other men in his flight see the error and correct it? Why has the wreckage of the planes and the men’s bodies never been found after all these years? The US Navy investigated the incident in 1946 and reported that the Flight 19 incident was a “disappearance” with the chilling words “cause unknown” added later on.

8. The word 'incredible' in line 6 is closest in meaning to …
  1. believable
  2. extraordinary
  3. magnificent
  4. extravagant
Jawaban : B. extraordinary
The word 'incredible' in line 6 is closest in meaning to extraordinary. Kata incredible memiliki arti yang sama dengan kata extraordinary yang berarti luar biasa.

9. The word 'departed' in line 7 is closest in meaning to ….
  1. took off
  2. took on
  3. took out
  4. took in
Jawaban : A. took off
The word 'departed' in line 7 is closest in meaning to took off. Kata departed memiliki arti yang sama dengan took off yang berarti berangkat atau lepas landas.

10. The word 'chilling' in line 27 is closest in meaning to ….
  1. exciting
  2. cold
  3. Frightening
  4. comforting
Jawaban : C. frightening
The word chilling in line 27 is closest in meaning to frightening. Kata chilling memiliki arti yang sama dengan kata frighteningyang berarti menakutkan.

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