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Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris Part 3

Edukasistan.com - Hello guys! pada kesempatan kali ini aku akan memberikan Kalian Latihan Soal Grammar Part 3. Saat kita mempelajari Grammar bahasa inggris, Latihan soal merupakan salah satu cara yang ampuh untuk mempelancar kamu dalam belajar.

Selain itu juga, untuk kamu yang telah lulus dari sekolah ataupun kuliah tetapi belum bisa menggunakan bahasa inggris, Kamu telah menemukan Website yang tepat. Karena disini aku akan memberikan Materi, Latihan Soal, dan Quiz Grammar secara gratis yang bisa kamu akses dimenu navigasi.

latihan soal grammar
Latihan Soal Grammar Part 3

Oke balik lagi ketopik, untuk kesempatan kali ini. Aku akan memberikan Latihan Soal bahasa inggris beserta pembahasannya yang mudah dimengerti oleh semua kalangan. Tanpa banyak basa-basi berikut Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris.

Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Note !!!

  • Untuk Materi Grammar Terlengkap Bisa Lihat Disini
  • Untuk Soal Quiz Grammar bisa lihat Disini

1. Rachel ... the course for three months by next week.
  1. will take
  2. will have taken
  3. would take
  4. is going to take
Jawaban : B. will have taken
‘for three months by next week’menggunakan future perfect tense “will have taken”. untuk Materi Lengkapnya kamu bisa lihat disini

2. Although having excellent performance, some women avoid ... so that they can take a good care of their kids.
  1. being promoted
  2. to promote
  3. promoting
  4. having promoted
Jawaban : C. being promoted
Kalimat dalam soal merupakan bentuk Passive Voice, sehingga pola kalimatnya adalah 𝑏𝑒𝑖𝑛𝑔 + 𝑉3 , being promoted. Untuk materi lengkapnya bisa kamu lihat disini

3. … overcome her shyness, she would have become a great teacher.
  1. She had
  2. Had she
  3. If she
  4. If she’d
Jawaban : B. Had she
Conditional without to, Type III. Pola: Had + S + V3 , S + would + have + V3. Untuk materi lengkapnya bisa kamu lihat disini

4. You would … the job if you were not late to the interview.
  1. get
  2. be gotten
  3. have gotten
  4. have been gotten
Jawaban : A. get
Conditional type III dengan pola S + would + V1 + If + S + V2 + O Untuk materi lengkapnya bisa kamu lihat disini

5. … can solve the algorithm test, even Bowo, the cleverest student in our school
  1. Everyone
  2. No one
  3. Had better
  4. All
Jawaban : B. No one
Not to make a verb negative. No as adjective preceding the noun (one).

6. Andy : “Do you know the man … in the third row from our left?
    Banu : “No, I think he is a new student here.”
  1. is sat
  2. was sitting
  3. sitting
  4. sat
Jawaban : D. is sat
Adjective clause dengan perluasan subjek menjadi question sentence. Untuk Materi lengkapnya silakan kamu lihat disini

7. ... the life forms in Mars exist or not still needs a comprehensive research.
  1. which
  2. whether
  3. that
  4. as
Jawaban : B. whether
pembentukan kata tanya ‘apakah’ pada kalimat tidak langsung menggunakan kata ‘whether’.

8. Mahatma Gandhi ... the Indians recognized as the Guru died in 1948.
  1. who
  2. whom
  3. whose
  4. to whom
Jawaban : D. to whom
Mahatma Gandhi menjadi objek dalam anak kalimat “to whom the Indians recognized as the Guru” sehingga memakai pronounce ‘to whom”. Untuk materi lengkapnya, bisa kamu lihat disini

Reading 1 for question number 9-10

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to land on the moon. Perhaps inspired by this major event and earlier space flights, science fiction writers in the late 1960s and 1970s wrote a countless number of stories about people traveling to space for a vacation. Many people at that time believed that families in the early 21st century would routinely take trips to the moon for sightseeing, and popular movies and TV shows fueled this belief. Take the example of 2001: A Space Odyssey which was released in 1968. This movie had a famous scene that showed businessmen traveling through space.

In the 1980s space travel for ordinary people was not as widespread as writers and artists imagined in the 1960s. However, in the 1980s civilian expeditions into space had begun. This is illustrated by United States’ decision to send several politicians into space to help them better understand the activities of NASA – America’s space agency. Christa McAuliffe, a school teacher, was scheduled to travel on the space shuttle and teach her class from space. After she was tragically killed in a shuttle accident, NASA delayed sending civilians into space for a long time. Because they were traveling to space for a specific purpose, these people were not really “space tourists” but they were civilians who flew to space.

By the late 1990s space tourism for an exclusive set of people became a reality. A commercial space company called MirCorp was having problems and it desperately needed money. The company therefore decided to sell tickets for space flights. It was an American businessman named Dennis Tito who bought the first ticket from MirCorp, and in April 2001 he flew to the International Space Station. Despite strong resistance from NASA, Tito stayed at the International Space Station for seven days. After Tito’s space trip, two more fortunate people bought tickets and also visited the space station. More trips were planned but these were cancelled or delayed after the space shuttle Columbia had an accident in 2003 while returning to Earth and all the astronauts aboard were killed.

In 2006, space tourism resumed and Russia’s space agency again sold tickets to those who wanted to travel to space. Despite the resumption of space tourism, Russia’s space agency announced in 2011 that it would not carry space tourists again until 2013. Although many people dream of becoming a space tourist, ticket prices are currently very expensive (around 20 to 25 million dollars US), so taking their family on vacation to the moon may have to wait for now.

9. According to the article, who wrote stories about people traveling to space for a vacation?
  1. Science fiction writers.
  2. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
  3. Businessmen who had been in space.
  4. People who had travelled to space for a vacation.
Jawaban : A. Science fiction writers.
Stories about people traveling to space for a vacation wrote by science fiction writers. Lihat paragaf pertama.

10. What would be a good title for this passage?
  1. A Brief Look at Space Tourism.
  2. Profiles of Space Tourists.
  3. The Challenger Disaster and Christa McAuliffe.
  4. The Economics of Space Tourism.
Jawaban : A. is Brief Look at Space Tourism
The best title for this passage is Brief Look at Space Tourism. Bacaan membahas tentang wisata luar angkasa.

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